Driven by innovation, blended skillsets, and agile mindsets, Vimbi is here to help build and evolve your success.

We are a loose consortium of consultancies and MSPs working together towards one goal. We’re here to provide high-quality, cohesive solutions to our clients through innovative data science applications.

Thanks to our diversity and various skill sets, each team member brings a new perspective to the table. As a consortium, we put 60 combined years of industry experience first for premium results. Our expertise applies to the finance, retail banking, and startup sectors.

Alongside our talented in-house consultants and engineers, we work with a strong network of freelancers. Each external freelancer has the skills needed to thrive, and we draw on these experts to explore complex projects or surges in demand.

At the core of Vimbi lies an experienced and driven team. We’re proud of our skills and expertise, but our passion and flexibility are what really sets us apart.

Nothing phases us. Our team responds quickly and efficiently if there’s a change in circumstances or new information. With personable and professional communication, we always go out of our way to understand our client’s needs.

Vimbi’s agile-based approach encourages strong collaboration with clients and colleagues, resulting in an unforgettable end product. Sometimes out-of-the-box action is what’s needed, and we’re here to provide it.

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Reach out to us anytime and lets create a better future for all technology users together, forever. We are open to all types of collab offers and tons more.